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Fort Worth’s city center buzzes day and night with people, energy and opportunity. It’s one of the most walkable urban areas you’ll find anywhere – the perfect place to soak up the excitement and friendly ambiance of Fort Worth. The heart of downtown is Sundance Square, a 35-square-block shopping and entertainment district where charming, beautifully restored buildings stand alongside glittering skyscrapers. Here, you’ll find locals, downtown residents and visitors among a multitude of restaurantsshopsgalleries and performance venues.

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    Sundance Square has so much to offer and if you love this urban paradise, you need to check out these other Fort Worth hot spots.


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    If you love shopping local, you’ll love living in Sundance Square. From small local businesses to towering skyscrapers, there’s something for everyone.


    The multitude of food options makes Sundance Square a foodie’s paradise. You’ll find all you want and more with local eats, fine dining, steakhouses and BBQ to satisfy your hunger.


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