“I can’t get my mind around downsizing!”. That is a comment I hear day in and day out when selling urban properties. The entire idea of moving into a townhome or condo is simplifying your life and your monthly expenses. 

When thinking about downsizing, there are specific steps you should take to start the process of downsizing. 

  1. Do I need this particular good?
  2. Have I used this particular good within the last year?
  3. Do I have a family member that could use this good?
  4. Do I want to donate this good to a charity?
  5. What do I see my life like for the next 5 years?

All of those questions are imperative when starting the downsizing process and attempting to live a simple life. We talk to Buyers everyday and their first reluctance is “how do I get rid of my stuff”. We can admit, it is a process but once you are rid of the clutter, you will never look back. We have never had a Buyer that is downsizing regret the final result of downsizing but the process to get there is often muddled with fear and anxiety. This is only a temporary feeling and once you are over that emotional hurdle, you will not regret it. 

 Imagine you living your weekends with minimal cleaning, no yard work and your weekends filled with fun events around the city. Oftentimes when you have a house, your weekends are filled with chores and it carries a burden that weighs heavily on your free time. Free time is something we all wish we had more of and downsizing provides this rare opportunity. 

Do you want to travel more? Do you want to spend your weekends getting in shape? Do you want to enjoy more of the city on your days off? This lifestyle is for you! The lock and leave lifestyle provides more ease and ability to live a stress free life to enjoy the things you love on the weekends. 

The hardest part about living this lifestyle is overcoming these emotional barriers that tell you to hold on to every belonging that you have. My advice to start the process is talking to a friend, relative or acquaintance that has made the leap to the lock and leave lifestyle. Also, your real estate agent can provide valuable insight. 

Alana Long and Debbie Hunn with The Urban Group at Williams Trew have made the leap to urban living and can provide valuable advice. There is no emotional feeling that Alana and Debbie have not felt to jump into this lifestyle. They are sympathetic and can help you conquer your dreams and live a simple life. The hardest step is the first step…BUT YOU CAN DO IT!

If you would like to get Alana and Debbie’s insight, you can reach them at the following contact info:


Alana Long



Debbie Hunn